Promotions Workshop for Assistant Professors

On Wednesday 7 February we will be holding our second workshop on Faculty Promotions at UCD. During this hour long workshop from 12-1pm, we will hear from a member of the Promotions and Grading Team as well as a former member of the Faculty Promotions Committee. Ms Sarah Dunne, UCD HR Promotions and Grading will deliver a short presentation outlining the administrative components of application process.  Professor Danielle Clarke, former member of the Faculty Promotions Committee (FPC), will then offer insights and advice on the function of the FPC in the application process.

This event will provide an occasion for you to learn valuable information and insights about the Promotions process within the University, including timescale, reviewer requirements, etc.

Following the workshop, attendees are invited to share a sandwich lunch together, as an opportunity to network and socialize with other assistant professors in the College of Science.

If you are planning on attending, please make sure that you sign up through our google sign-up sheet.