Mentoring at UCD

On this page you will find information on the various mentoring initiatives available to you at UCD.

Mentoring Opportunities at UCD for Assistant Professors

As part of our first mentoring workshop for Assistant Professors in UCD, Ms Navneet Kaur from UCD People and Organisation Development delivered a presentation on mentoring programmes available in the University and how they can help assistant professors to develop their careers in UCD. Here, you can review the slides from the presentation:

Mentoring at UCD Presentation

UCD People and Organisation Development

In line with UCD’s ‘Rising to the Future’ strategy to ensure that every member of the community is enabled to achieve their full potential, UCD HR People and Organisation Development team have identified three possible pathways to Mentoring at UCD that are available to employees. These are Faculty Career Mentoring, Individual Mentoring, and mentoring as part of a structured programme. If you are thinking about accessing mentoring through any of these options, the team at UCD People and Organisation Development offer a number of supports that will be useful to you, including training, materials and guidance for mentees, mentors and Schools/Units.

You can check out their resources at the following links:

Faculty Career Mentoring Preparatory Sessions

Check our the Faculty Career Mentoring Flyer for information on upcoming sessions for UCD Academics intending to begin the process of applying for faculty promotion.

UCD Mentee Training

Once you have decided you are interested in having a mentor, you should book a mentee training session with HR People and Organisation Development. These sessions are designed to provide clarity on what you can expect from mentoring and will give you valuable resources for getting your relationship off to the best possible start. You can book your mentee training session here.

LinkedIn Learning Mentoring Training

LinkedIn Learning is an online elearning portfolio of thousands of courses and tutorials taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. All permanent and temporary employees of UCD can access LinkedIn Learning using their UCD Connect log-in details. UCD HR People and Organisation Development have pulled together lots of useful resources through two dedicated LinkedIn Learning collections, focussed on mentor training and mentee preparation.

You can access the LinkedIn Learning collections on mentoring at the following links:

Other Supports

Depending on the stage of your career you may find the following information helpful.

New to UCD: People and Organisation Development aim to provide information to help new staff & faculty become familiar with the University and their new role. On their website you can find information about your orientation and induction process as a new member of staff.

Newly appointed assistant professor: People and Organisation Development also run the Newly Appointed Assistant Professor (NAAP) Development Programme specifically for early career members of faculty including Ad Astra Fellows. The key elements to this programme are faculty induction, formal development seminars, mentoring opportunities, and networking events. The programme is launched in two phases in the academic year – Phase 1 in September and Phase 2 in January and is open to assistant professors for the first 12 months from their appointment in role. On their website you can find information about your orientation and induction process as a newly appointed assistant professor.

Applying for faculty promotions: UCD Human Resources seek to ensure that the University’s faculty and staff are enabled to achieve their full potential and are appropriately rewarded for their contribution. On their webpage for faculty promotions and their webpage for tenure you will find details of the criteria for promotion and tenure and an outline of the application and the assessment processes.