Faculty Promotions Workshop

On Wednesday 7 February we held our second workshop on Faculty Promotions at UCD. 45 assistant professors from across the College of Science came together to demystify the faculty promotions committee and discuss advice and guidance for going through the faculty promotions process.

We were delighted to welcome Ms Sarah Dunne from UCD HR Promotions and Grading, who delivered a highly informative presentation outlining the administrative components of application process. Sarah has kindy shared her slides with us, which you can find here on our website.

We were also joined by Professor Danielle Clarke, aformer member of the Faculty Promotions Committee (FPC), who shared valuable insights into the function of the FPC in the application process, and offered useful advice for assistant professors thinking of applying for promotion soon.

Following the talks, attendees shared a sandwich lunch together, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to network and socialize with other assistant professors in the College of Science. Sarah and Danielle kindly stayed to answer questions, and we are grateful that they were so generous with their time.